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Forms 2013: Save new item for external content type with sssociated column


I have two external content types that are bound to a SQL Column each.

The content types are:

Customers and



Each department belongs to one customer. So the table customers has a FK for departments (integer).


I addad an association for Customers content type that links to the department content type.


When I publish my external content type to an external list I have a correct control in my forms, showing me all departments while I am creating a new customer:


I now pick a department from the list and try to save the form (hoping that my foreign key is set to the selected customers Id) but its not happenign. Instead I get the following error:


Failed to create a list item for this external list based on the Entity (External Content Type) 'Customer'. Details: Failed trying to write value 'null' with Type '<unavailable>' as a Field of Type 'System.Int32'. Check TypeDescriptor with Name 'id_department' in Parameter named '@id_department' of Method with Name 'tbl_customerCreate' on Entity (External Content Type) with Name 'Customer', or input data for type compatibility.


So my selected string for my department is going to nirvana and the ID isn't set by the process. Do I understand something wrong here? Does someone has any thoughts about this?

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