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Nintex Newbie

Form in tabular-format?

Hi there!

is there an opportunity to make a form in a list style?

Background: I've a nintex form. In each field I can enter Information, then go to "Save"-button and repeat this step.

Is it possible to have a "tabular form", where I can  enter several various entry, then to "Save" and all Information is stored, each line a seperate list entry (record)?


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Form in tabular-format?

Hi Jakob Putz‌,

Nintex Forms is designed to create a nice/powerfull/awesome/...  form for one item.

There are people who used a repeating section for a parent/child setup though. Nintex Workflow was needed for this. You can find more info about this in the community, but here you already have one from Eric Harris: Create Parent/Child items using this Nintex forms/workflow with this trick

Perhaps this repeating sections approach will be your solution.