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Form background image doesn't show

Hello all.

I have a Form to which I have set a background image (located in Site Assets library). Within the Form Designer I can see the image appearing but not on the actual "New" and "Edit" Forms (neither on the Preview, nor on the List itself). I have many fields on the Form and rules to hide many of those in both New and Edit mode, but I don't believe this should affect the background (it's set in Form Settings).

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Workflow Hero

Re: Form background image doesn't show

Hi Dimiter,

did you check your browser console for errors when loading the new/edit forms?

If you use the preview within the forms designer, does the background image appear correctly?



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Workflow Hero

Re: Form background image doesn't show

Hello Philipp,

There are no errors in the Console. And no, I cannot see the background in the preview. I only see it on the canvas of the designer.

I tried different images - from the Internet, or internal (for the latter I also tried putting in the link as "/SiteAssets/image.jpg"). The result is the same - the image appears on the canvas and not on the preview or the form itself.



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