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Flexi Task - comment only

I'm newer to Nintex and I'm still trying to wrap my head around the functionality.

I am creating a basic ticket.

So far the ticket has 3 input fields. Title, Description and Attachments.

Once the ticket is opened, it goes into a flexi task, which the Approve or Reject options.


I want to add an option where I can comment, and save, so that I can come back later.


I'm not entirely sure how to do this. I tried entering another outcome in the flexi task, but that automatically ends the workflow.

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Re: Flexi Task - comment only

For this one you should be able to add another outcome and lable it "update" or something.


Within your workflow I would suggest using a state machine and having the option of submission, update/pending and approval.

  • The first state would contain your flexi task to evaluate the ticket. If approved it goes to the approved branch
  • If rejected, it exits the stage and ends the workflow
  • If put into update or pending, you can add your comments and then start another task to review the task.


The thing about the task action is you can't technically start and stop the task. But you would have one task that allows you to tell the workflow to do something which could be another task to complete and then start over/check it. Hope that helps you think through it more. 


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Workflow Hero

Re: Flexi Task - comment only

Awesome! I appreciate it.

Here is what I came up with.

State Machine - 3 outcomes..

- Submission - Assigns flexi task with 3 outcomes

                       Reject - goes straight to end the workflow

                       Approve - changes the state to the approval

                       Comment - changes the state to pending (see Pending)

- Pending - Changes state back to the flexi task (I ensured I made my form editable).

- Approval - goes to end workflow.


I tested this and it seems to be what I'm looking for..

The only other thing I may look at doing is archiving the actual comment box which exists on a form in the flexi task - linked to a column named CommentBox



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Workflow Hero

Re: Flexi Task - comment only

I lied.


This doesn't work. It somehow already completes the task and when I go in to approve after makinga  comment, I get an error.

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