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Nintex Newbie

Flexi Task: Extracting latest users name

Hi all,


I have an issue where we want to be able to track the name of the user who completed a flexi-task. However, the task itself has an option within the form to choose another users name. The user can then Save the form (without submitting) and leave the form. This means any other user within the group that was assigned the task, knows whether the task is being handled offline by someone else and to just leave it with them.


The issue comes that the Task Reviewer Workflow Tasks column only ever picks up the name of the first person to enter the form and perform an action. We need to be able to extract the name of whichever user is the one to actually Save and Submit the form in the final instance. Does anyone know of how to do this?


Thanks in advance.


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Flexi Task: Extracting latest users name

Just to provide some more info:


We have manually added in a textbox field in the task and connected it to Assign to Individuals column on Workflow Tasks list.


So say UserA goes into the task, sets the outcome to In Progress (outcome has 3 options, in progress, approve, reject) and puts UserB into the Assign to Individuals textbox.


They then Save the form and exit.


UserB then goes into the form, sets the outcome to Approve and then Save and Submits the form.


The Task Review column in Workflow Tasks list will still show UserA instead of UserB.

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