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Flex Task and Attachments in another list


I have a list where attachments are enabled.  In the workflow, I assign a flex task to the items in the list.  The flex task displays the fields in the list item, but not the attachment link associated with the list item.  I either managed to delete that field from the flex task form or it's just not there.  If I deleted it (which is entirely possible as everything is a learning experience by trial and error here).

If I deleted it, how do I get it back to display it on the flex task form?  If it's not there, how do I add it?


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Re: Flex Task and Attachments in another list

tasks are maintained in a separate/different list from items. so item's attachments and task's attachments are two different things and are stored in different lists.

item's attachments are not by default accessible from task (form) and vice versa items can not by default access task's attachemnts.

attachment control you might have seen on task form was to manage task's attachments. you should be able to (re)add the control onto the form if you accidentally deleted it. it should be available on 'List columns' slider on the left of form designer.

if you need to access item's attachments from task form have a look on this blogpost collect task attachments in list item and show all attachments in next task

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Re: Flex Task and Attachments in another list

Thank you. This is very helpful.  The complaints I'm getting from users is that if they attach something in the task or data collection, it doesn't get attached to the list item that's in a different list.  So the list that contains the data and the task are two different lists.  That's my challenge.