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Finding a complex and flexible escalation solution

Hi there!


We have a quite big workflow, which asks at some point for approval. The approval is configured to wait for 3 out of 5 with a common answer (voting). Now the customer asked for a quite complex idea of an escalation function.


They want to have the voting 3 out of 5 but as soon as someone of the 5 selects “escalate” using a button in infopath which on the one hand sets a boolean field in the library to “true” and on the other hand responds to that users task with “decline”.
If this “escalation” happens within 2 days after approval started, it should come immediately to an separate exit which is not approve or decline and ignores all other answers already given, even when there is already a majority on “approve” or not yet a majority and closes all the other open tasks to be able to continue the workflow. If the 2 days are already expired and somebody, which has not yet answered, hits the
escalation button in the infopath form, it should ideally ignore that or count it just as declined.


This is now a really short description about the whole solution and maybe a little bit confusing, but it is hard to write down all the details, because there is also that huge infopath form involved which triggers the tasks using code behind.

But I would like to ask for a quick approach just with that little information before going into details. Maybe someone of you hit the nail with the first idea.


To get an idea what our current solution is, I attached a screenshot with some English explanation, because the descriptions on the actions are all over in German. The big goal would be a way to come immediately to an escalation and still keep all the other stuff, like voting and giving them time for 2 days.

I also experimented with the action “Finish task” but I was not able to get it to work in an acceptable amount of time. And I also thought about a second workflow which could be the one, who kills the remaining tasks as soon as someone hits escalation button. But before, I hope
there is maybe something better…


Thank you all in advance


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