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Nintex Newbie

Find the number of blank fields in an item

I built an internal audit form for my team with 46 questions (columns). 1=Yes 0=No    blank=N/A.  There are 46 possible points if every question is applicable.  I need a way to calculate possible points for an item that has N/A fields.  Is this possible with a workflow or calculated form value?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Find the number of blank fields in an item

Can you give more details around the type of columns? Are these drop downs, text fields, radio buttons, other?

Here's an example I threw together using text fields:

I wrote it based off this post:

Now, in my Fiddle, I tried both code options and they both work. However, when I tried both in a Nintex form, the jQuery attribute option didn't work so, I used the filter option, and it worked great.

I should point out that the code is in no way ready to copy and paste into a Nintex form. It's simply a jumping off point to get you started.