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Filtering Nintex Forms dropdown based on lookup columns

Hi there!

I'm struggling with Nintex form on SHP 2013 - I want to filter dropdown menu based on selection in another dropdown that is taken from lookup column.



List 1: contains a single column with location names

List 2: contains project name column (string) and project location (lookup from list1) columns (plus some other status columns, but it's irrelevant here)

List 3: reporting list where I build up my form that looks up on List 2 projects and takes 2nd column of project location in addition. The form has 2 fields:

  • location (lookup from list 1)
  • project name (lookup from list 2)

Now - if you select location A, then project name control should be filtered out by this location name (so i see all projects, but these which were assigned to location A on List 2). 


Is it doable? I've been trying to filter It out many ways, but all I could achieve is ...opposite - select location and see only this location's assigned projects, placing it in not() broke the thing completely. 

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Filtering Nintex Forms dropdown based on lookup columns

Can you provide a screenshot of how you are filtering your second lookup control?


It would also be helpful to have a screenshot of the two lists in question so that we can see how you've made your associations.


What you wanna do is an accomplishable goal, but having some more solid info will be helpful. Thank you.

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