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Nintex Newbie

External list lookup


I have an external list imported to the SharePoint from SQL Database and what I noticed is that I cannot use the lookup function in the calculation filed within the list form.

I have inside this DB informations about the emplyees and i need to match them with the current user (location, personal numbe etc..). As the funcion dont return en errow while reviewing the form it always give back the '#Value!' - so I'm assuming the sytax is correct.


This is my syntax: lookup("xxxxxxxx|CommonDBView","Employee - Domain identifier",CurrentUser,"Employee - Personal Number")


Domain indentifier was desinged to be exactly the same as Current user as while I was doing same thing before but not with SQL DB but with updating SharePoint list form Access averything was working well Smiley Happy


Should that lookup function work and I'm doing something wrong? Or it's just a way it is?

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