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Workflow Hero

Estimating List Item Sizes - Capacity Planning

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have any previous experience of trying to capacity plan for SharePoint List items that have been created using Nintex Forms 2013?

I have some sample lists with 40 to 50 items in them. I can divide the list size by the number of items but this does not seem an exact science as some lists seem bigger than others even when the forms appear a similar size.

I need to plan for somewhere in the region of 600,000 items spread across 30 lists.

I appreciate that there is no right or exact answer as there are so many variables but if anyone can share their experiences or current capacities with me I would be really grateful and give me some kind of benchmark.

Kind Regards


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Workflow Hero

Re: Estimating List Item Sizes - Capacity Planning

Hi Neil,

the size of a regular SharePoint item is normally a matter of kilobytes. But as you mentioned there are many variables in your calculation. I can only advise you to think especially about:

  • Attachments (all your forecasts will fail if people attach 10MB pictures to your list items)
  • Versioning (If versioning is activated the items previous version will be preserved on editing. Depending on the number of version, this can increase list size dramatically)

May I ask what you are doing this forecast for?



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