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Nintex Newbie

Error while approving tasks through Lazy Approval

Hello All,

I am having a few issues when a user tries to respond to a task using Lazy Approval. If they respond using Lazy Approval, the workflow fails and gives the following error: 

Error in request approval action. Unauthorized attempt to update approval task by <domain name>\<userID>, The response has not been recorded. And the outcome shows 'Error.'

The user in question has appropriate permissions to approve the tasks, and if they approve / reject it using SharePoint interface it works fine. This happens only with Lazy Approval.  

I am using Nintex Workflows for SP 2016, version

Could anyone please help me with this? 



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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Error while approving tasks through Lazy Approval

Please see the following Knowledge Base article that discusses this error.
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