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Email File from Document Library


I created a workflow that would send a email with an attachment using rest api and the web service action on nintex workflow on office 365. I have been able to successfully send the email with file that i manually converted to base64. However when i try to use [FileData] to convert the current file to base64 nothing happens and i get this error code due to that issue. 

{"error":{"code":"RequestBodyRead","message":"Cannot convert the literal '[FileData]' to the expected type 'Edm.Binary'."}}

My Code

"Message": {
"Subject": "Testing",
"Body": {
"ContentType": "Text",
"Content": "Please refer to attached document"
"ToRecipients": [
"EmailAddress": {
"Address": "Email not shown for privacy"
"Attachments": [
"@odata.type": "#Microsoft.OutlookServices.FileAttachment",
"Name": "Test.docx",
"ContentBytes": "[FileData]"
"SaveToSentItems": "true"


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