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Elevate premissions in O365/SharePoint Online

Hello all, we are in a gov cloud with Multi Factor Authentication, consequently I cannot use any of the O365 actions that require username and password, specifically "O365 Update Item Permissions". Nintex and my admin are trying to come up with a solution. Is there any other way to grant temporary contribute rights to form submitters ( the form library updates items in another list that they do not have permission to) Is there a possibility to run a powershell script from Nintex or use a SharePoint Designer 2013 App Step in combination with the Nintex workflow? these are just ideas based on limited knowledge. I have not yet built any workflows in Designer or Nintex that require modifying permissions.

I'm hoping someone may have faced the same problem, thanks for any help. I am trying the action with Publisher User as the username and password, not sure if it will work.

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Workflow Hero

Re: Elevate premissions in O365/SharePoint Online

Update; I tried {workflow context-Publisher user} for the username and password and the workflow was suspended (Some parameters failed the validation check. - [InputUserName] : Invalid email address.) so I guess that way around MFA does not work.

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