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Dynamics CRM Online - Documentation Needed

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Hello All,


I am looking to combine Nintex Workflow 2013 on-premise with Dynamics CRM online however cannot locate any documentation that helps with this requirement. I have found various documents on the forum however these do not provide the correct information for me as they are for integration with on-premise CRM which the process is noticeably different.


Is there any documentation on how to correctly configure the Dynamics CRM workflow actions to integrate with Dynamics online?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Dynamics CRM Online - Documentation Needed

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Lee -


Have you installed the newer CRM actions from the Live Catalog?  The CRM actions that ship with Nintex are only for a much older version of CRM (v4, I think).  If you haven't already, you'll need to download the new CRM actions from the Live Catalog.  These work with the Dynamics CRM online.


Assuming you already have the newer CRM actions from the Live Catalog, the online help for each action gives a good description, however in order to use the CRM actions, you have to have a good understanding of the internal schema of Dynamics CRM, including entity and field names.


If you have admin access to your CRM environment, you can lookup this information from the Settings > Customizations > Customize The System.  Then under Components, expand Entities.  From there you can browse all of the entities and fields within each entity including the internal name of each field, which is referred to as the field's "Name" (as opposed to "Schema Name" or "Display Name").


If you don't have this type of admin access, let me know which entities and fields you are looking for based on the display name and I can look up the internal "Name" for you in my CRM system (assuming you are not trying to reference custom columns, of course).  I'm sure there is published list of Entity and Field names for CRM online somewhere.

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