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Nintex Newbie

Duplicate/copy a row in a list

Is it possible to copy a row in a list and create a new row within the same list.  I want to track routine tasks done monthly.  

My thought was to add a button labeled duplicate to the form.  We clicked it would copy the current form/row and create a new one.  There would be a column that would be the current month.  So in January it would be 01.  After the rouine is complete you could hit the duplicate button and it would create a new row 02 and I could use a workflow to reset/clear some fields.  ie date completed, how long to complete, when sent out etc... but the majority of the fields would still be popluated.  Eliminating the need to create a new one manually each month.


task             description                 completed            month

sample        to be done monthly                                01

sample        to be done monthly                                02              (created by clicking the duplicate button)

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Duplicate/copy a row in a list

i would do this in a workflow and

  • create a column in your list called "Copy"
  • Add a button to your form connected to Copy that sets it to "Yes"
  • Have a workflow that runs when Copy is changed (from previous value) to "Yes"
  • Workflow will calculate the next month based on the current item
  • use create item action to create new item
  • Update Copy column back to blank
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