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Duplicate Workflow Names in Performance Report


Product: Nintex for SharePoint 2010

I have added "Workflow Performance" web part on a page, however what i see in report is

1. Same workflow name is repeated many times as shown below


Can someone please explain from where these duplicate names pop-up in the report

1. Is it due to multiple nintex content databases?

2. Does publishing new version of workflow creates new entry in the report?

Has anyone faced similar situation? Any workaround for the same?

Thanks in advance!!


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Re: Duplicate Workflow Names in Performance Report

Here is the Update:

Duplicate workflow names appear in the reporting web part only in following scenario

1. If existing instance of workflow [List/Reusable] is deleted and added again with same name, then the reporting web part shows duplicates entries.

Publishing of newer version of workflow does not cause this issue.

- It makes sense since each new workflow has new GUID which is registered in the nintex databases, so in order to effectively use Nintex Reporting web parts, workflow should not be deleted and added back.

Hope this helps someone.


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Automation Master

Re: Duplicate Workflow Names in Performance Report

Hey Nintex Guy​ you should go ahead and mark this answer as completed to close it out.  I have bookmarked it for future reference, thanks for keeping us posted!

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