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Nintex Newbie

Dropbox URL Link


I am uploading image files using the action "Dropbox Upload File" and I need the URL that has been uploaded in Dropbox to be used in another workflow.

However using the File Location link apparently saying it retrieves the URL, it brings back the link

Is there anyway I can retrieve the destination link that has been uploaded for the file?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Dropbox URL Link

Hi Danielle,

I see that the help files states the following:

Specify a workflow variable to store the destination folder URL. URL directs to destination folder only if user is logged in to Dropbox account.

Are you logged into the Dropbox account when you click on the hyperlink?  If you hover over the hyperlink, is it only behind the link or is there more information?

Can you verify that the file has been uploaded to dropbox?

If you don't get the file location variable working, it should be possible to manually create the hyperlink and use this in an email. The default text is and then just add the folder as specified in the action.