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Nintex Newbie

Document Drop off workflow to create Document Set

Just looking to see if anyone has attempted this scenario. I have a section of folks who are arbiters of information to be sent up through my chain for approval/concurrence/signature etc. Typically the information that needs action isn't just one document rather it has many supporting documents or email templates etc. Here is what I would like to happen:

1. Arbiters open form by clicking on add new documents (will have to InfoPath atm)

2. Fill in specific information, but large part is allow multiple attachments

3. Have workflow kick off on submission:

 3a. Take title name provided in form and create new Document Set with captured title

 3b. All attached files from previous form now within newly created Document Set

4. Approve documents within Document Set to then have the complete Document Set be moved/copied (retaining metadata/columns) to the principals document library for processing


At this point I can't find much in Nintex workflows that "create" document sets. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Community Manager

Re: Document Drop off workflow to create Document Set

I have not attempted that before, but have you tried just creating the item in a library that is enabled as a document set to see what happens?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Document Drop off workflow to create Document Set


Even I am looking for such functionality. Did you get to solve this issue?
All I am able to do is create the document set in a library, but now I want to store the files uploaded when the form was filled.
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