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Dictionary parameter for custom action

I have a custom action that needs to be extended to allow for a dictionary type parameter. The exact requirement is that I need to update a custom action that transmits documents from one location to another and send any number of key/value pairs along with the transmission. Problem is that there is no documentation that I can find on how to use anything but string type parameters within custom actions. I did come across an out of the box action named something like "Update Document" that appears to be modifying the Field References configuration of the workflow action. Looks like something that I could possibly take advantage of also, but the problem is that the code on how to do this is obfuscated.

So I turned around and asked Nintex Support for their help by opening up a support ticket (because I have an existing support contract in place), but the response that I received was that Nintex does not provide any support for developing custom actions and I guess they don't provide any documentation on a lot of it either. Far be it for me to want to take advantage of leveraging their product so that it can be part of the development process rather than going completely custom.

I know that there is more than one way to skin a cat so I ended up using a simple string type parameter and then leveraged JSON serialization on both client and server side to serialize and deserialize my key/value paired object in and out of a string.

Does anyone have any different approaches or perhaps guidance on leveraging a dictionary parameter for a custom action?

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