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Nintex Newbie

Detect addition of new repeating section upon form Save

I'm working on a task-less workflow design problem and am calling on the community's wisdom and experience!

Scenario: customer complaint registration and tracking

  1. Sales rep submits a customer complaint form (Nintex form). Upon submission, a Customer Complaint item is created in Customer Complaint master list
  2. System resolves complaint metadata, notifies the relevant department stakeholder by email. The notification email links back to the Customer Complaint item (no task!)
  3. Department stakeholder opens item (same Nintex form), edits form values and optionally creates one or more Corrective Actions (by adding one or more sections in a repeating section control, saves the form
  4. System resolves Corrective Action(s) metadata, notifies assignee(s) by email. The notification email links back to the Customer Complaint item (no tasks!)
  5. Corrective Action assignee opens item (same Nintex form), edits form values, manually updates his Corrective Action section status until == Completed

All of the above I have working. Now the hard bit:

Department stakeholders must be able to create additional Corrective Actions at any time in the process (by adding an new section to the Corrective Action repeating section control). So, upon every form Save, the system must determine whether or not a new section was added in the repeating section control. If so, the data in that new repeating section must be parsed, resolved and an additional email notification must go out to the new Corrective Action assignee.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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