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Deselect checkbox if another is selected

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Hi all,

I'm trying to find a way to deselect a checbox if another is selected. I need it to do that in runtime while the user is filling in the form, not as a workflow. The checkboxes are all separate Yes/No fields with nested options (only visually).  they can all be selected but I only want 2-3 validations. Possibly avoid a validation rule that shows an error if both are selected. and not to hide/show if another is select. All options need to be shown upfront before they can make their selection.

I know we only got the validation/format rules and I'm not sure how i go about changing a value in runtime. I don't think it is even possible in NF. And I'm not a developer, so I can't tell if it is possible with custom code.

any idea?

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Re: Deselect checkbox if another is selected

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You can add JavaScript or JQuery on the form to make this happen. In the form settings you can add script that selects a checkbox when the other is clicked. The 'checkbox1' and 2 is a client ID that is added to the individual control's settings in advanced section. 

NWF$(checkbox2).not(this).prop('checked', this.checked);