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Demand Workflow Stage Order Bug?


Is this a bug, did I do something wrong, or is this Nintex's idea of how it should look?

I created a demand workflow and I'm accustomed to seeing the stages in left to right sequential order.  However, Current stage is all the way on the right and the next stage is all the way on the left.  When I advance to the next stage, it gets the sequence right, but I'm uncomfortable with the layout and wondering why the deviation from the default layout.  Attached are some screen shots. 

My workflow stages are in order

Proposal->Initiation->Planning->Execution->Monitoring and Controlling->Closing

Demand Workflow Project Management Phases   

Workflow seems out of order

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Workflow Hero

Re: Demand Workflow Stage Order Bug?

After querying the epmworkflowstatusinformation table, I can see that the "stage order" column for every project with the nintex demand workflow has a 0 in it.  The stage order column in my designer developed workflows are populated with a 1, 2, 3, etc... and thus displayed in the proper visual order.  I dont remember having to manually define an order in designer so maybe the Nintex developed workflow is not writing that information to the appropriate table?  Or I'm missing a step.  I'll keep digging but if anyone else has a tip, feel free.  


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