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Nintex Newbie

Customized Permission Level for Nintex Forms

As SP Site Administrator I'm attempting to provide permission for a user to learn how to create and manage Nintex Forms in a List.  I would like to provide them access to a list to perform this function without providing "Full Control" over the site, not wanting to allow them to inadvertently damage the site.  In an instance like this, I would want to create a customized SP Permission Level which I have tried to do, but cannot seem to find the correct combination of List and Site permissions which grant the correct access. All of the blogs that I have viewed where this question is asked address Nintex WFs, but the Nintex Forms is not included in the discussion, or the response is simply to provide "Full Control" which is not reasonably acceptable.  Attached is a matrix that shows the default "List, Site and Personal" permissions that SP 2013 allow an administrator to choose when creating "Permission Levels."

Can anyone advise which of the List or Site permissions provide the Nintex Forms access?

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