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Customize workflow notification


you all may know how to customize the body of a workflow notification (sent by a Send Notification or by any task action) but, what if you want to change the default header/footer (with the orange horizontal line and "Workflow Notification" text)?

You can do these changes at three different level: farm / site collection / web and there you can also change the default text for approval and the approval no longer required notification:

In Central Administration, going into Nintex Administration you can find the Message templates link:

Nintex Administration in Central Administration

For Web, you have to go to Site settings and select Message templates 

Nintex Administration in Site Settings

from the page that opens, you can then switch to site collection settings:

Switch to Site Collection

In each of the three pages, you have four boxes where you can customize the template, if needed you can use common references, basic item properties and inline functions:

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