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Custom Master Page Analyzer Tool - SharePoint 2010

This is specific to Nintex Workflow 2010 only.

Using a custom master page in a SharePoint environment is a common option that businesses use largely to apply corporate branding to their SharePoint portal.

Often, the custom master page introduces elements that interfere with the rendering of the Nintex Workflow designer or it overrides elements of JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets that cause similar interference.

To that end, an analysis tool has been created that analyzes the Nintex Workflow designer page for potential problems. The tool is JavaScript code that is run in Internet Explorer’s “Developer mode” and checks that all required DIV tags are in place and collates various information about the browser (see attached file).

To use the tool:

  1. Open Internet Explorer 8 or 9, and load the Workflow Designer page in the environment using the customer master page.
  2. Press F12 to open the Developer Tools panel.
  3. Click the Console tab.
  4. In the input area at the bottom, enter the JavaScript from the attached file.
  5. Click the Run script button at the bottom right of the page.script.png
  6. From the results pane above the input pane, select and copy the results.
  7. Send the results back to