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Create item fails when setting managed metadata

I am trying to create a set of nearly identical items to the one that the workflow is running on, in the same list. I need to do small changes to the title and change only one property value. All other fields should be set to the same value as the source item. Many of these fields are of type managed metadata. When trying to set these I get the error message: "Failed to create item. The given guid does not exist in the term store". How do I get around this problem? Thx.

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Re: Create item fails when setting managed metadata


It is easy when you know why Once when I was building our IT service desk we user managed meta data field like subject of issues can rise and i had the same problem. This problem occurs because this type of field has same logic like lookup field. Each metadata tag has own GUID so it means if you want to update this field you need to use GUID in update action. To get that GUI you could recreate that metadata field in list where one column is name and other is GUID then filtering by name you will get guid and then you will be able to update that field.

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