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Create an if condition for multiple choice quiz


I've checked videos and forum questions but couldn't find similar topic.

I'm creating a quiz with 8 multiple choice questions in Nintex form. I'd like to add a rule that if the participant select a wrong choice, it will return feedback "wrong answer" immediately before the participant click the Save button. I have tried with if condition formula, but it didn't work. Could someone help me? Thanks a lot.



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Nintex Newbie

Re: Create an if condition for multiple choice quiz

You should be able to achieve this with the below rule which would invalidate the control:


not(equals(ControlName,"Correct Value"))


ControlName - reference your control from the 'Named Controls' section

Correct Value - type in the name in speech marks of what the value should be.


You can then display an message to the user completing the form if they select the wrong answer.

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