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Nintex Newbie

Create Item - Permission error for the minority


I'm using the Create Item in one workflow to create a new item in a new list using some of the data from the item in the source list. It is working fine for the majority of users. However some users are getting this error:  The workflow could not create the list item. Make sure the list exists and the user has permissions to add items to the list.

The users are in the same permission group

If I log into SharePoint on my computer as the user experiencing problems,  the workflow runs fine.

Any suggestions about where else the permission error could be coming from?


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Create Item - Permission error for the minority

Hey Lexie,

this sounds strange, I have no idea at the moment, but a workaround would be that you put the "Create item" action into an "App step" and then publish the workflow with a user that definitely has enough permissions.

Maybe you can send us a screenshot of the complete workflow.

Best regards,


Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Create Item - Permission error for the minority

The insert item will run as whoever initiates the workflow - is that the same person as you are thinking?

you could overcome this in two ways:

1. Wrap the create item in an action set and configure it to run as the workflow owner (I,e. You) so you are sure the permissions are there

2. Create a service account that has permissions to the list to add items and use that service account in a web service call to lists.asmx to create the item