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Copy to Sharepoint ( another farm)


I am trying to use 'Copy to SharePoint' action to copy documents to another farm. I get error "Failed to copy item. Unable to connect to the remote server".

Following is the value used in 'Destination' field with 'Enter a URL' selected:

https://server/sites/projects/Shared Documents

where Shared Documents is the destination library

I am using my credentials for testing the functionality and I have the required permission in the destination farm.

I would like to avoid using web services at this point as I wish to bring some meta data along with the document and would like to test the straight forward functionality of the 'Copy to SharePoint' action.

Please advice.

Thank you,


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Re: Copy to Sharepoint ( another farm)

You must use Lists.asmx across a farm, but that only support list items. Copy To SharePoint does not work across a farm (this is because it uses the SharePoint Object Model API which is farm specific).

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Re: Copy to Sharepoint ( another farm)

Hi Fernando,

Thank you for taking your time to respond.

I had the same understanding as you have recommended, then I read the 'Override credential' section in 'Copy to SharePoint'. It states that credential must be provided when copying the file to another farm.

Can someone from Nintex please comment on this.



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