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Nintex Newbie

Copy document item to another list

Hello fellas,

Good to back to SharePoint and Nintex!
I have an issue with copying document item to another list.

In first of all, I format a new string with file destination -> if case

Second, I change my "Status' column value to -> "Published"

Third - pause for 1 minute.

Fourth - copy document to destination URL.

Sometimes, WF copy document with Status -> "Published", something left old value -> "not Published".

How solve this problem, that every time my copied document should have Status value -> "Published" ?

A snap of WF part:

I'm waiting for Your mind and solutions! Cheer!

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Copy document item to another list


could you try to change the Set Item Field action with an Update Item? Sometimes, in my experience, that action have issues and simply a change to Update Item solved them..


Nintex Newbie

Re: Copy document item to another list

‌'s hint is very valid.

if that still doesn't help I'd try to prolong pause for at least two timer job cycles. maybe document copy takes more than one cycle in some circumstances

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