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Nintex Newbie

Copy attachment is returning a blank collection

I'm having an issue whee I'm trying to copy attachments from the a list item using the below workflow. It works on one list but on another list although there is attachments on the list item, it is returning me blank collection... any idea what would be the reason?

again, the workflow is working perfectly fine on any list but not the one i wanted it to work on..note that the form has an attachment field and it is set to be the default field, i made sure all list items do have attachments to them as there is rules to have min# of attachments. also the list has about 2000 records, i'm not sure if that would make a difference but may be it would be related to capacity or performance! 

This is the history log for one of the lists when it is working fine...

now when i use the exact same workflow on another list, I get all blanks!!


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