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Workflow Hero

Copy & Paste Email / Flexitask text with variables (Bug?)

Hy together, I just noticed that you can copy & paste text from Task descriptions etc. with variables but they do not resolve anymore in the action when the workflow runs.

They appear in "red" underlined text as it would be working, but I guess it´s not?

Is that normal or is that a bug?

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Workflow Hero

Re: Copy & Paste Email / Flexitask text with variables (Bug?)

yes, that one of plenty annoyances.

you can (usually) workaround it so that you do not copy text from field itself but from its 'Edit Source' dialog.

click into description field and you should see 'Edit Source' icon on the ribbon. click on it and copy HTML markup from there.

it's not 100% reliable either, but in majority of cases it works.

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