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Continuing a repeating section from a form on a wf task form and display data in list

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On my form I have a repeating section that I would like to display on the workflow task form whilst also being able to complete additional fields. To be specific: on the form a user can be signed up for software named YOB and on the task form the repeating section is displayed (read only) as it is filled out and in additional fields (edit) it can be registered what each user's user name and password will be, amongst other things.

I have found discussions on displaying repeating section data Displaying Repeating Section Data in List Views, The Easy Way! and on continuing a repeating section from a task form on another task form within the same workflow Seeding a Repeating Section.

In the first instance it is important not to connect the repeating section to a column so that all data is saved to the hidden Form Data column.

When continuing a repeating section on a task form it is important to connect all same repeating sections on the different task forms to the same variable within the workflow.

Now  in order to show the data from the repeating section of the form on the task form I tried not connecting either repeating sections but in that case the repeating section on the task form shows like a 'new' repeating section, it can't display information from the original form. Both repeating sections, from form and task form, were named the same: YOBgebruikers (YOB users).

Connecting both repeating sections to a list column - which is named YOB gebruikers (YOB users) - proved to be the solution. Both repeating sections were named the same: YOBgebruikers. I can complete the task form and supply the user information for each user and the updated XML registers completely in the list column.

However, I can't seem to do a Get Forms Repeating Section UDA with this configuration:

I am still quite new to Nintex so I’m afraid there’s something I’m not understanding here. I have worked with the Get Forms Repeating Section UDA before but normally get the data from the Forms Data column.

I also noticed that in the 'YOB gebruiker' column the XML doesn’t show the repeating section name YOBgebruiker, only the labels and answers to the connected fields.

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Re: Continuing a repeating section from a form on a wf task form and display data in list

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you have moreless found the solution yourself

so I'll just try to summarize it and explain unclearness

- connect repeating section on new/edit form to a plain multiline text list's field (approach with hidden Form data column is obsolete and was used while repeating couldn't be connected to a list field)

- make sure you name every single control within repeating section for easier reference later in task form (if you do not do that some GUIDs will be generated, which might be hard to use then)

- on task form add a repeating section control and connect it just to the same list field as you did on new/edit form. name of the repeating section control is not important, important is to connect it to proper list field.

- add controls to the repeating section an layout them as you like. important is to name them just the same way as you did in in new/edit form. name of the control will identify data formerly saved in new/edit form.

if you need some control to be read only and some editable, configure respective formatting rules to manage that

If I haven't missed anything important from your description, I think none of mentioned links are applicable for you.

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Re: Continuing a repeating section from a form on a wf task form and display data in list

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Hi ‌, did this clarified you concerns?

could this be closed?

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Re: Continuing a repeating section from a form on a wf task form and display data in list

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Yes, I was able to resolve this, thank you.

So the problem I outlined above had to do with how to get the repeating section data and convert the XML to plain text and write it back to another column in the list.

For anyone (still) interested - since this post is so old, maybe the answer is already supplied elsewhere! - here's how I configured the workflow actions:

1. The repeating section data is saved to the list column YOB Gebruikers XML. Query XML. I query this column for the following output:

Query XML1

This action collects all the input from the repeating section - which contains fields corresponding to user metadata (user name, email, temporary login etc.) - and puts it in a collection.

2. Then I added a For Each action to loop through each user in the collection.

3. I added a second Query XML: I query each user for the following X-path output:

Query XML2

And so on.

This collects all the XML corresponding to the individual fields (name, login etc.) for a specific user within the repeating section.

4. A build string action for the first user and a build string action for each consecutive user.

5. Update item.