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Confused on getting Result format in Xml from Web Services

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Following along with a nice web service tutorial How to use the Call Web Service action , I see in Step 6 "Set the Result format to XML" . I do not see any checkbox to specifically do this. All I see under Web Service Output is "Default" and "Specify Elements".  Also I see "Store result in" and a collapsible section for "Result processing"--which has a checkbox for "Force top level XML node"--which I think is for the "XSL transform"

In short the example worked without me finding this.  The Send Message in plain text shows the XML output.

My confusion comes in other Web Service calls where I would like to see the XML such as "/_vti_bin/List.asmx". When I return the result, I just get plain text. 

My question is when do I get Xml and when do I get Plain text.

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Confused on getting Result format in Xml from Web Services

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Hello -

It should always come back as XML. If you are putting it out to Log History action or pasting it into an email, it will come in as plain text (for readability) but should hold on to the elements within.

Anytime I am using Web Service calls I use the "Run Now" option and ensure that I am getting back what I expect. Typically, after the action you will need to run it through a Query XML action and pick it apart as needed and use it within other variables/controls.

Are you having issues with something specific?

Hope this helps!

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