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Conditional Workflow not started on existing items modified with QuickEdit

Dear all,

we are developing pretty basic workflows on top of a SharePoint 2013 list. The workflow is started either when a new item is created or when an item is changed and a given condition is satisfied.

We have experienced a strange behavior:

  • If an item is created / modified after publishing the workflow, the conditional trigger works perfectly
  • If an item was already existing before publishing the workflow, the conditional trigger:
    • Does work when changing the item through the EditForm
    • Does not work when changing the item through QuickEdit or DataSheet View

We have tested a sufficient number of conditions (comparison between previous and current value, comparison with a fixed value, ...) to have confidence that this might be the root cause. Does anyone have experienced the same issue and has a solution for this? Due to the size of the list, manually modifying each item through EditForm is not an option.



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