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Concatenating several values in character string inserts <br>



I have 3 values that I am concatenating into a character string and saving into a variable. The contents of this variable will then be written into a list.

When inspecting this field in the list with the "Quick Edit" option, it can be seen that there is a <br> inserted after each of the 3 values that were put together in the string. Which again means, when searching for the list item, it cannot be found.


How does this happen and is there any way to avoid it?

Screenshots are attached.


Many thanks in advance.


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Concatenating several values in character string inserts <br>


I think your problem is in the string builder.

On the first screenshot you gave, it seems that you've inserted a line break between the 3 lines.

Make a try without those ones and let us know if it changes something

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