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Community Search Tips

Search is located in the upper right corner of the screen, otherwise you can also access the Search page directly at From here you can filter by content, people, places, as well as time frame, and type of content.



  • In the search field, type in your search criteria and PAUSE before hitting the ENTER key.
  • Search results will appear in a dynamic list below the search box as you are typing your search criteria. Results are sorted by their type: Content, People, then Places (scroll down to see the the entirety of the dynamic results).
  • If you don't see what you're looking for, press ENTER and the full search screen will appear. Results are sorted by their type: Content, People, then Places (filter options are on the left sidebar).

Search by...

  • Specific words. This is the most basic search mode, and is also the default. Simply enter your search terms to see content containing all the specified words in any order.
  • Someone's name. Searching for people is similar to searching for specific words.
  • Phrases. If you enclose a phrase in quotes, your search will return only content where the words in quotes occur next to each other and in the same order. For instance, specifying "black cat” will return text where this phrase appears exactly as quoted, such as “our black cat brings us luck”, but will not return “the cat was hiding in the black box”. Note: Content searches are case-insensitive. For both regular and phrase searches, we also match words that are very similar, but not identical.

Results appear dynamically below the search box AS YOU ARE TYPING.  So, don't be too quick to click the "enter/return" key. You might see what you need right away.

If you click "return," you'll land on a page of filterable results.  


Happy searching!

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