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Community News - September 4th, 2015

Weekly News - September 4th, 2015

Hello Community!

This week, we kicked off our September mission, got a fun little goodbye video from outgoing CM Emily Billing​, and received some great questions from our community members. Read on...

September Mission

Our September Mission challenges you to use Nintex Forms!

We propose that you're an event planner tasked with organizing a holiday party for your office. Using Forms, you'll get suggestions on the theme of the party.  There's a way to get some bonus points, so be sure to read the mission here: September Mission 2015 - Create a Holiday Party suggestion form with Nintex Forms

Troubleshooting Tool Update

Aaron Labiosa​ posted an update to the Workflow Analyzer that adds a framework and support for Nintex Forms among other changes. Get it here: Workflow Analyzer Version Released

Keeping up with product announcements

By signing up for notifications on new product releases, you'll never miss a product announcement.  Have a look at this post on how to Customizing your Community Activity Stream for the product release blog posts.

Nintex Learning Center


You can learn even more about Nintex products at the Nintex Learning Center. That's where you'll find resources for learning how to use Nintex products, including training material and the ability to earn Nintex certifications. See more here The Nintex Learning Center for The Nintex Learning Centerdetails on how to sign up and access the learning center.

Cool Community Content

Unanswered Questions

Here are a few unanswered questions for you. This community does a great job of answering questions, let's keep it going! And if someone answers your question, be sure to remember to mark it as correct! That helps the rest of the community should a similar question pop up.  Plus, you'll be recognizing the person who helped you out!

Jorgen Naess​ Needs help copying metadata and a document to SharePoint here: Copy to SharePoint does not copy metadata

David V​ wants to disable an attachment area, but is having an issue here: Disable add attachment button in Nintex Forms

Terry Mahoney​ seeks a method to lookup a value from a list while building a workflow here: Workflow lookup value from another list, match on managed metadata column

And ICYMI, be sure to see Emily Billing​ give her farewell in this video: Hello, Goodbye Nintex Community!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone,

Frank, your Community Manager

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