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Community News - March 20, 2017

We've got an update to our March release, plus a bevy of new blogs and the recordings from InspireX! See all the links below!

UPDATE - March Release
nwciconsmallOur Nintex Mobile product has been updated along with the Nintex Workflow Cloud platform,  Nintex Forms, and Nintex Forms for Office 365. Here's your one-click access to all the blogs, updates and release notes on those products, plus links to find updates and bug fixes to other products. What's New from Nintex - March 2017 Release 

InspireX Recordings Released
inspirex logoDid you miss a session at InspireX in New Orleans?  Want to relive a great session you attended?  Now you can, recordings of the sideshows are available on our corporate site.  InspireX 2017 


training logo

If you haven't been to the Training‌ space lately, you have much to learn there!

There are regular updates showing how to use Nintex Workflow Cloud.

For example these recent updates:

Create your own route and approve documents workflow 

Create your own advanced route and approve documents workflow 

Route and Approve Documents with Multiple Reviewers using Nintex Workflow Cloud 

Our Technical Training Manager, Erick Weitkamp‌, has also dropped a blog, asking: Is it better for a workflow to be fast or accurate? 

Cool Community Content

Our community members can be prolific! Check out these latest blogposts!

Remember, anyone can contribute! Just visit the space you want to post in, and click "actions" in the upper-right to find the link to start a blogpost!

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