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Community News - February 29th (Leap Day!)

Weekly Community News - February 29th.

On this "extra" day in 2016, you get new content in the Training​ space, a way to get an RSS feed of Nintex Systems statuses... and a link to some Nintex Hangout videos!


inspirex.PNGThere were more than 40 sessions at InspireX, so there was no way to attend them all. Not to worry, we have recordings of the sessions, and they'll soon be posted in the Nintex Learning Center. Please watch this space and follow me to get status updates in your in-box to know the minute we make them available!

I spoke to more than 25 customers and several partners at InspireX, and I'm compiling your comments.  I'll be making a list of improvements to the community based on your feedback. So, if you made a suggestion, know that I listened and will work to make the site as appealing, valuable and easy-to-use as possible!  For example, you no longer have to log in to access the spaces.  You'll need to log in to participate in a thread, but viewing is now open to all.

Nintex Learning Center

drawlooplogo.pngYou know we have a Nintex Drawloop Document Generation space, but did you know how to get training on the product? Our own Haley Walsh tells you how to get a FREE, seven-course module on Nintex Drawloop Document Generation, AND and certification: Interested in learning more about Nintex Drawloop Document Generation?

Cool Community Content:


trainingpic.PNGOne thing I learned at InspireX is that a few of you are unaware we started a new Training​ space. Head on over! Roughly every-other-day, a new piece of content goes up.  In the past week, There's a new post about Document Generation:  Nancy & Sally Ep 5: Document Generation ,

And the talk-show format is giving way to an adventure series.

Find out more here: Nintex in a Minute: A New Chapter

Nintex Hangout -- Live! with Eric Harris!

hangout.PNGEric Harris​ was busy at InspireX with more than announcing new Nintex inititatives. He did several Hangouts, too! So, even if you weren't at InspireX, or you just want to re-live the experience, we've got the recordings!

Check out the news about the forthcoming Nintex Xchange: Video Link : 1038

Eric recaps our CEO, John Burton​'s keynote speech: Video Link : 1037

And there's a pre-conference hangout with Raphael Bachmann Video Link : 1033

Visit the Nintex Hangout for updates on when and how to joing us for a hangout!

Unanswered Questions

If you have experience, I have users who could benefit from it!  Nintex Connect exists to help you ask questions and share knowledge.  Check out a few unanswered questions below and see if you have the key to help someone solve a problem. And if you've posted a question, remember to mark the "correct answer!"

Eric Rozensher​ is having trouble with: SQL Request Control – Cascading Multiple Fields from SQL Database Table

eric bardoux​ wants to know How can i have better control on return page from a form webpart ?

Sajith Kumar says Hi, I am new to Nintex, I need to send a weekly email to every user, a list of  'Tasks' that are 'As...

Robert Perkins appears to be close in this thread: Display First Name Last Name in Workflow email text   Are we ready to mark an answer correct?

Have a great week, everyone!


Your community manager

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