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Community News - August 28, 2017

Community News - August 28, 2017

Does Your Workflow Include Brown M&Ms?


If you're old enough to remember the U.S. rock band Van Halen, you are also probably aware of their legendary (but true) contract rider that included a request for a bowl of M&Ms - with the caveat that all the brown ones be removed.

What's that got to do with workflow? Believe it or not, it's a philosophical question. One addressed in Nintex Training Manager Erick Weitkamp‌'s blog post: Does your workflow include brown M&MS? 

Product News

nwc color

Nintex Workflow Cloud's latest release comes with file management and designer updates that allows you to attach a file from a Salesforce record. And it'll make dealing with large workflows easier. See the Nintex Workflow Cloud - Release Notes 

You'll love this update! Check out Nintex Senior Product Manager Dan Barker‌'s blog:  

And see how to get those files in and out of Salesforce here: Nintex Workflow Cloud How-To: Get Files In/Out of Salesforce 

365 color

Nintex Workflow for Office 365 has a new look!  Nintex Technical Evangelist Chris Ellis‌'s blog that explains how it now resembles our on-prem product a lot more: Nintex Office 365 Workflow gets a facelift! 

forms O365 icon color

Nintex Forms for Office 365 recently got a responsive forms. You'll be asked to select either classic or responsive when you create a new form now. See: What's New: Responsive Forms Designer for Microsoft Office 365 

hawkeye color

Nintex Hawkeye has an expanded dashboard and some visual tweaks. Get highlights in the Nintex Hawkeye - Release Notes 

Senior Product Manager George Tsigounis‌ gives a tour in this blog: Improved User Experience for Nintex Hawkeye 

Have you connected your data to Nintex Hawkeye? There's a how-to page in the Hawkeye Space to get started.

Is it for you? See this use case by Nintex Product Marketing Manager Lachlan Ainley‌: Customer Case Management with Analytics 

It's baa-aaaak! Nintex Hangout

Don't look now, but the Nintex Hangout‌ is back, and has a new format! You don't have to make an appointment to see it, just visit the Nintex Hangout space and check out the videos by Nintex Technology Partner Evanglist Eric Harris‌! Here's a new featured video:

Video Link : 1402

And don't forget to subscribe to his channel!

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