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Community News - 31st July 2015

Weekly news - 31st July


Nintex Connect turned one

Happy Birthday to Nintex Connect! Over the weekend, we reached the one year mark from when we first launched the site, and since then there have been many updates, and changes to the site. I've written much more about it here Nintex Connect has just turned one!

Content of the week

July Mission

Now on to the missions. Today is the final day to add to the July Mission - What's your favorite workflow action and why?. Next week I'll release a post on what actions the community adores; you'll want to make sure your favourite is in there

As to the August mission, Monday morning I'll be releasing the details (this emoticon is supposed to be "mischief", but all I'm seeing is an angry face..). This month we're celebrating the Nintex communtiy reaching the one year mark, and you'll have the opportunity to win a prize!

Unanswered Questions

Here are a few unanswered questions for you guys. The community has been doing an excellent job of answering questions, let's keep it going!

Happy weekend to all,


Emily, your Community Manager

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