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Columns and reusable site collection workflows

Hello everyone,

Here's my situation: I've made a list workflow that autofills column fields automatically. The column fields- things like the user's first name, last name, domain, job title, and email address- are used in three different lists on my sharepoint site. In fact, every list shares the same fields as every other one. I could repeat the autofill workflow for each list and have a separate version for each, but I know that is inefficient and a waste of resources. So what I'm looking for is a way to create a reusable site collection workflow that will autopopulate column fields so long as the list has the correct columns.


The trouble I've been running into is this: when I try to use my autofill snippet as a reusable workflow, the columns I'd like to fill out don't appear as an option. I would like the reusable workflow to fill out columns like first name, last name, etc. so that I can have one autofill workflow that works across multiple lists. I'm a relatively new Nintex/Sharepoint user and would really appreciate any help I could get on this topic. Thanks!

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