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Collection variable get specific item

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I have a string stored in a variable looking like this: name, email, username

I'm using the regular expression to split the string and storing the result in a collection variable (lets name it collection).

So from my understanding it should look like this now:

collection[0] = name

collection[1] = email

collection[2] = username

So I only want to use the second variable (email) in that collection and put it into an email field for example how do I do that?

From my understanding there must be something like this: ID1 collection but I dont know how to extract that.

Isn't the collection an array of variables?

I read the whole guide of "how to use a collection" but this didnt answer my question.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Collection variable get specific item

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Hi Daniel

If the second index of your array is always the email, create a number variable with a default value of 1.


Then add a collection operation configured as below


This will then store the email address in the vTextEmail variable and you can now use this as you need.

Hope this helps


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Re: Collection variable get specific item

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Thanks - it worked!

It's irritating that you have to create an index variable for each number of an array and not being able to specify the number in the collection operation.

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