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Collection Operation with 'Get' won't allow 'Index' to be specified

Dear Dev Talk:

I have a collection variable that is correctly creating a split string from a regular expression action.  However, I want to get parts of the collection variable to be used elsewhere in my WF.  However, when I go to configure my collection operation action, i am unable to enter an index for the index value...(see attached).  My collection variable 'test2' is correctly storing the following text:  "gonski;;daniel;a" and I want to get the value from position 0 (gonski) and the value from position 2 (daniel)... Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Collection Operation with 'Get' won't allow 'Index' to be specified

you can not type in a number directly there, you have to create a numeric variable and set it to a needed value.

then configure collection action to use the variable as an index