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Nintex Newbie

Collect data action default values

One of our requirements is to allow a requester to modify their request if it is initially rejected by their manager.  My current approach is to use a request data action.  If the manager rejects the workflow send another request data action to get corrected information.  Only some of the data is likely to be incorrect so I'm trying to avoid the requester from having to re-enter all of the information.  Is there a way to set the initial values of a request data action to the values entered on a previous request data action?  It appears the binding of wf variables to content type fields is one-way only e.g. the wf variables are updated once the task is complete but the task fields do not get set from the wf variables.  I'm probably missing something or maybe there is there a better approach that I haven't considered.  Thanks in advance.

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