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Workflow Hero

Clear managed metadata field

This should be easy, but it's not working.

I have a form on a list that includes a Managed Metadata field.  The field is not required and only allows a single value.  It is possible to enter a value in the field or change an existing entry from one value to another value in the term set.  However, it is not possible to remove an existing value and go back to a blank field.  I can remove it in the form but the value is still there after I save the changes.  The version history shows that I changed the item but no field is shown.

The problem happens on a pristine form with absolutely no changes made.  This is on SharePoint 2016 with Nintex Forms

If anybody has an idea of how to remove a value from a MM field, please pass it along.


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Workflow Hero

Re: Clear managed metadata field

I'm having the same issue and would love to know how to get this working! I've tried isNullOrEmpty & trim which works on a new entry but not changing an existing one.

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