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Nintex Newbie

Choice Control Defaulting when Form Changes Via Button Click

Hi Community,


I have come across an issue that I need solved as a client of mine whats to have a walk through fell on their forms with next and back buttons. The issue is that they have a few calculations that are made off user input from choice controls but when you click next or back and come back to that part of the from the Choice Controls are being reset to default value which then messes up the calculation field. This is causing wrong data to be inserted into the list when the end user submits there form.


    When user has gone to the form and made choice.

Before Button Click.PNG

   After user goes back to first page then comes back to the choice page

After Button Click.PNG


So as you can see from images above the Choice itself holds on what the user clicked, but the value of the choice becomes default which then makes the calculation field change.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.




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