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Checkboxes Not Saving in Nintex Form


I’m having an issue where checkboxes within my Nintex form aren’t saving, but the other fields are.

To give some background, the form is a shift report so users have to select their role for the day and then their shift, and then, depending on which is selected two different panels appears (one for the role, another for the shift). The panels are hidden/appear using rules. I’ve also confirmed each field is actually connected to a list column.

It seems that the text boxes (single- and multi-line) are saving without issue, but none of the check boxes are saving.

Here’s what I did to troubleshoot:

  • Moved the checkbox outside any panels
  • Removed the checkbox an re-added from the list columns
  • Turn off all workflows and then re-activated workflows with “wait 1 minute” rules

Any ideas?


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Re: Checkboxes Not Saving in Nintex Form

@mzaklowleepson this seems like an odd thing. Can you share a screenshot of your form controls configuration?


Also, ensure that the checkboxes are connected to a list column. When in doubt create a new checkbox and then connect it to see if something funky is going on with your form.

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Re: Checkboxes Not Saving in Nintex Form

Hi. Below is the screenshot of the form control. As you can see, it's connected to the list column "Outlook Available." 

I just deleted another connect checkbox, published the form, added it back in directly from the "List Columns" box at the left, published the form again, and tested and it still failed. For some reason, one of checkboxes actually saved, but I just did a comparision and there's no difference in the settings...




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